Journal #3 Modern Fairy Tale: The Girl who posted “Single”

Tina Summers just finished combing her hair and getting ready for bed.  As she was getting snug under her covers, Tina’s Mom came in to wish her goodnight.

“Hey Tina,” her Mom said, “do you want to hear a bedtime story?”

“Mom, I am sixteen years old, I am way past bedtime stories,” Tina replied.

“But you will want to hear this one,” Tina’s Mom insisted, “this will be the last bedtime story you’ll ever hear I promise.”

“Very well then,”

“Well,” Tina’s Mother began, “it goes something like this.”



Anna Lee was a beautiful and popular girl in her school.  She was the captain of her cheer leading squad and dated the quarterback of the school football team.  Anna was in a wonderful relationship and she adored her boyfriend very much.  Because of her popularity, Anna Lee loved to be the center of attention.  She had hundreds of friends on Facebook and everybody in the school knew who she was.  Anna Lee knew that every boy in the school thought she was pretty.  One night, Anna Lee decided that she would change her Facebook status to ‘Single.’  The moment she did, three different guys messaged her.  She talked and flirted with each one of them one by one.  She loved the attention and nothing in her mind told her to stop.  She would ask the boys questions such as, “Do you think I’m pretty?” or “Would you ever date me?”  Once the boys would fall into her charm she would tell them, “Oh I’m sorry, I’m actually in a relationship, I just forgot to change my status.”  The boys were very disappointed having their hopes up for nothing.  Anna Lee loved the compliments and the amount of attention she was receiving.



“Wait a second Mom,” Tina intervened, “since everybody knows Anna Lee, wouldn’t they know that she was in a relationship?”

“Not exactly darling,” her Mother said, “after all this is just a fairy tale, now let me finish the story, anyways…”


Anna Lee was relishing in all the attention and affection that boys on Facebook were giving her.  Every night, Anna posted that she was ‘Single’ and boys would message her every single time.  After a romantic conversation, she would tell the guys that she was in a relationship.  These boys all happened to go to her school and whenever they passed Anna, they would just scowl at her.  Anna was playing with these boys’ feelings.  The school was big enough that she was able to talk to a different group of boys every night.  Anna would continue to toy with their feelings just so she could feel flattered.

One day at school, Anna’s boyfriend confronted her saying that he was curious why her Facebook status kept changing every single night.

“Oh honey,” Anna said, “I think the website has been messing up lately.”

Anna’s boyfriend did not want to play dumb with her.

“One of my friends told me about what you have been doing,” he said, “you have been flirting with guys at our school while giving them the idea that you were single.”

“No honey I would never do that to you,” Anna replied, “I would never do such a thing behind your back.”

“It’s too late Anna, many guys at this school have had their hearts broken because of what you did, since you want other guys’ attention so much you can consider yourself single for sure.”

“Honey please,” Anna begged, “I am so sorry, I will never do it again I promise.”

“It’s too late for that”

He turned his back to her and walked away.  Anna was officially single and she would definitely need some attention now.  Later that night, she logged on to Facebook and posted that she was ‘Single’ for good.  She sat at her desk waiting for the messages to pop up as they usually do; nothing happened.  She stared at the screen, dumbfounded at what was happening, or rather, what wasn’t happening.  The boys were not going to fall for her trick again.  She stared a little longer until she stared at the floor and began crying.



“And that’s the end,” Tina’s Mother said, “have a goodnight sweetie.”

“Why’d you tell me that story?” Tina asked.

“Because I have seen what you have been doing on that social website, you can’t keep expecting guys to come running to you if you are only going to let them down.  Don’t say you are single unless you really mean it.”

Tina’s Mother left the room, leaving Tina to her own thoughts.

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  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    Tina was busted!